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EMDR Therapy Intensive

Discover focused and rapid healing from the effects of trauma with EMDR intensive therapy.

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Why choose an EMDR Intensive?

EMDR Intensive Therapy condenses the therapeutic process, enabling quicker progress compared to traditional weekly or biweekly sessions. Unlike standard EMDR therapy, which can feel disjointed due to setup and wrap-up time for each session, intensives offer concentrated sessions lasting 3 hours, a full day, or multiple days. These sessions prioritize long-lasting healing and improvement. Research demonstrates their effectiveness in reducing PTSD symptoms, adverse reactions, and overall treatment duration.

EMDR Intensives are an ideal therapeutic option for individuals who:

  • Have difficulty committing to weekly hour-long sessions due to your schedule constraints.

  • Desire to continue working with your current therapist while seeking focused EMDR therapy for processing specific memories.

  • Prefer a shorter, more concentrated therapy duration rather than committing to months or years of treatment.

What to expect in an EMDR intensive

Initial Intake Session

During the intake session we will make sure that an EMDR intensive is appropriate for you and that you have resources and strategies to effectively manage any challenges that may arise during the intensive process. We will  develop a target plan of memories and symptoms to be addressed in the  EMDR Intensive, ensuring alignment with your individual needs and goals. 

EMDR Intensive

EMDR intensives typically span a duration of 3 to 6 hours. During these sessions, you'll engage in alternating phases of EMDR trauma processing and the implementation of nervous system regulation techniques, such as yoga, controlled breathing exercises, or opportunities for relaxation, which may include enjoying tea and taking a walk.

Follow up

Following the EMDR intensive, you will be offered a check in session to evaluate your progress and provide an opportunity to reflect on your experience during the intensive. If there are any remaining needs, you and your therapist will collaborate to determine whether additional EMDR sessions would be beneficial, ensuring your continued growth and healing.

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The Details:

Where are intensives?

Intensives are held at

Riverside Counseling Group

7300 Carmel Executive Park Dr.

Suite 115

When can I schedule?

Intensives are typically offered on Tuesday and Saturday mornings between 8am-12pm. Evening intensives are offered on an as needed basis at an additional charge.

How long are intensives?

Intensives can be scheduled as 3-hour 'half days' or 6-hour 'full days'. The flexible nature of intensives accommodates individual client responses to treatment, but clients will be charged for the initial 3 hours regardless of session duration. Charges will be adjusted accordingly if clients complete treatment before the full 6 hours.

How much do intensives cost?

Intake session: $135/50 minutes

EMDR Intensive: $150/hour (3-6 hours)

  • 3 hour "half day" (equivalent of 5 EMDR sessions)

  • 6 hour "full day" (equivalent of 9 EMDR sessions)

Follow up: $135/50 minute session​

*Two complementary 15 minute consultation calls with adjunct therapist if applicable*

*I work with insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. After payment is completed at time of services you can request a service receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your policy’s coverage.*

Interested in scheduling an EMDR Intensive?

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