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discovering wellness, reclaiming joy

Compassionate therapy for those who have endured trauma, abuse and hardship.

You want to feel calm, safe and connected.

You don't understand why you:

  • feel anxious and on edge

  • withdraw from relationships 

  • avoid things you used to enjoy

  • feel paralyzed and numb

  • behave in ways that don't align with your values

  • struggle with intrusive thoughts and memories

  • feel ashamed, unlovable, guilty and confused

  • have difficulty being present and grounded

Rachel Bills MA, NCC, LCMHCA



My name is Rachel Bills and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Starting counseling can feel vulnerable and intimidating. My goal is to create a warm, nurturing and safe space for you to address the things that brought you to therapy.

I use an evidence-based and collaborative approach to foster growth and healing. I am committed to walking alongside you as we work to cultivate your valued life.

Leaves Shadow

You are not alone.

There is nothing you have experienced that is beyond the reach of grace and hope. Help and healing is available to you today.

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